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UNITA admits demonstrations against new CNE president

UNITA President Adalberto Costa Júnior admitted this Tuesday public demonstrations against the inauguration of the new president of the National Electoral Commission (CNE), considering that his appointment comes to "eternalize the regime in power".

: Ampe Rogério
Ampe Rogério  

"This week what the regime did was take steps to stay in power forever. When there is a man [the new president of the CNE] who is being challenged by the people, by everyone, the organs of state admit to his office," said the leader of the National Union for Total Independence of Angola (UNITA) in Luanda.

Last Wednesday, the parliament inaugurated the new president of the CNE, Manuel Pereira da Silva, known as 'Manico', with only 111 votes in favour from MPLA (Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola) members, since the opposition has left the plenary en bloc.

Alleged "irregularities, illegalities" and "unconstitutionalities" are pointed out in the process of election of the new president of the CNE, facts that gave rise to the protests inside and outside the parliament.

According to the UNITA president, the last week "was very sad for the country" because, he stressed, the leaders "killed some of our hope for free and fair elections".

"That gentleman", he continued, alluding to Judge 'Manico', "who was placed there, will deal with free elections?", he wondered during a speech with citizens and militants of his party in the market of São Paulo, Luanda, as part of a visit he made on Tuesday to the municipalities of Luanda and Cazenga.

For the leader of UNITA, the struggle for free and democratic elections, for freedom, development and an Angola of opportunities for all became more difficult with the election of the president of CNE, admitting "demonstrations of the people and not only of UNITA".

"Let's all demonstrate, let's not stay at home and then say it's UNITA alone. Let's see if we really have that courageous decision to claim our rights (...)", he added.

In his speech, often interrupted by the assistance, Costa Júnior also considered that the balance sheet of the fight against corruption, one of President João Lourenço's axes of governance, "is negative", blaming the "marimbondos" for the current situation of the country.

In Angola, marimbondo is the name given to wasps and the fight against corruption, described as a fight against "a nest of marimbondos".

Adalberto Costa Júnior also assured that his party will "press" the parliament for the approval of the remaining laws that make up the municipal legislative package, taking into account the first municipal elections scheduled for 2020.