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Former BNA Governor re-affirms in court that he was competent to make transfers of 500 million

This Wednesday, in the Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court, the trial of the case known as ‘500 Million’ continued. As a defendant, the former Governor of the BNA insisted on his competence to carry out a transfer of 1500 million dollars in parcels of 500 million.


Giving testimony directly to the chief judge responsible for the case, Valter Filipe stated that the global value of the training fund was 30 billion euros. In this way, a transfer in the total amount of US $ 1500 million would be made - in installments of 500 million dollars - to establish the same strategic investment fund for structuring projects in Angola.

"As my competence was only up to 500 million, this operation would be done in three installments of 500 million dollars each, within my limit", said the former BNA Governor, quoted by Jornal de Angola.

Valter Filipe also clarified that, for this reason, the return of the 500 million would be made within 30 days after the operation. If there is another capitalization, the ex-Governor stated that he would need 30 days between processes. "The other operation would be carried out within the Government that took over afterwards", he justified.

António Bule, former director of the BNA's Management and Reserves department, who was also an accused, clarified that in the scope of investment policy, there was in fact a limit of up to 500 million dollars in the Governor's powers. "If higher, the amount would require the participation of the BNA Investment Committee", he said. However, he stressed that the former Governor should have contacted the Board of Directors or the Investment Committee.

Also this Wednesday, Maria Filomena, former director of Audit at BNA, was heard. In the reform two years ago, the declarant stated that the Governor was only competent to transfer up to 1,000,000 dollars. This limit included the acquisition of goods, services and public procurement contracts. “Above this amount, it was the responsibility of the BNA's Board of Directors”, justified the former employee of the central bank.

Maria Filomena also said that the team of auditors in the process found that, for the constitution of the strategic investment fund, amounts above 1,000,000 dollars would have been used. "It was not for the Governor to authorize the payment of these amounts" she said.


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