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Activists will demonstrate on the 28th against arrests and death of zungueiras

Angolan activists plan to hold a demonstration on the 28th in Luanda to contest the arrest of activists and the killing of street vendors by police agents, said a source from the organization.


According to the activist Laurinda Gouveia, on Monday the letter was submitted to the Provincial Government of Luanda, informing the authorities of the intention, with this Thursday being the last day for a response to the document, in case of rejection.

"The Government had to answer us until today. If it has not responded, it is because there is no inconvenience, therefore, we do not necessarily have to see a plan B, and because the place we chose for the concentration has not been common", referred Laurinda Gouveia, one of the activists involved in the process that became known as the "15+2", in 2015.

The demonstration has as its place of concentration the Largo das Heroínas, with the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights as its final destination.

Laurinda Gouveia stressed that the main objective of the march is to draw the authorities' attention to the release of political prisoners and respect for the lives of zungueiras (street vendors).

"A month ago a zungueira was killed by the police and the persecution of these ladies continues, they who seek the streets to be able to seek dignity, something for their children, which our Government does not provide", stressed the activist, who added that the demonstration also intends to demand the "release of the comrades who are imprisoned until now".

The activist cited the case of 'Tanaice Neutro', who is ill and supposedly without medical treatment, and of 'Zecamutchima', convicted and serving his sentence in Benguela province.

Activist Gilson da Silva Moreira, known as 'Tanaice Neutro', was sentenced to one year and three months in prison, suspended for two years, for committing the crime of outrage against the State, its symbols and organs.

'Tanaice Neutro' was convicted of having insulted the President of the Republic, João Lourenço, and members of the National Police, in videos that he recorded and shared on social networks.

The activist José Mateus 'Zecamutchima', leader of the Portuguese Lunda Tchokwe Protectorate Movement, was sentenced to four and a half years in prison for the crimes of criminal association and incitement to rebellion, due to incidents registered in Cafunfu, Lunda Norte province, in following a demonstration.

The activists hope to mobilize a large number of people, especially 'zungueiras', "despite the context, in which people are scared to claim any rights".

"Although until now the right to demonstrate is not a culture, especially for this vulnerable group that are the 'zungueiras', because they prefer to be selling than to demonstrate, because they understand that with a demonstration they don't take food home" , acknowledged.

The police have repressed or stopped, in recent times, all the protests called by activists, who have not been able to concentrate in the planned places.

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