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Privatization of Endiama subsidiary delays due to need for financial reorganization

The president of Endiama admitted this Friday that the imbalance in the accounts of Enditrade, one of the companies that the diamond company wants to sell, delayed privatization and said that it is negotiating the sale of other assets with private partners.


José Manuel Ganga Júnior, who was speaking at the commemorative session of Endiama's 40th anniversary, addressed the sale of the diamond stake in three assets, namely the security company Alfa 5, the hotel Diamante and Enditrade, which ensures the logistics component.

In this case, he pointed out the need to clean up Enditrade, since with the current situation of the accounts it would be difficult to find a buyer.

"The sanitation process is aimed at having people interested in its acquisition," he said.

As for the Diamante hotel and Alfa 5, which do not belong entirely to Endiama, the sale to private individuals who already participate in the capital is being negotiated.

"In the case of Alfa 5 [where Endiama wants to reduce the current shareholding from 70 to 30 percent], we gave preemptive rights to the current partners and we are waiting for the answer. If there is no interest from the current partners, we can proceed to a bid. same thing happens with the Hotel Diamante ", he advanced, in a press conference.

As for Clínica Sagrada Esperança, there is no intention to open the company's capital to private companies, but Ganga Júnior admitted that they may enter the management.

The Endiama group is part of Fundação Brilhante, Clínica Sagrada Esperança, Alfa 5, Enditrade, Hotel Diamante, from Luanda and Dundo, and Clube Desportivo Sagrada Esperança.

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