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Police vault "without funds" and with assets "mortgaged by debts"

The National Police Pension Fund (CPPPN) is in a "dramatic and catastrophic" situation, particularly without subsistence funds, "with empty coffers" and assets "mortgaged by numerous debts," the president said Wednesday.

: Domingos Damião/Angop
Domingos Damião/Angop  

"We found the safes of the Vault completely empty, without any kwanza, we now have some savings, very little, nothing important, but in time it is increasing," said this Wednesday the new chairman of the CPPPN, Domingos Jerónimo.

According to him, the "blackboard" of the institution is due to liabilities left by the outgoing management, which placed the Vault in "total disrepute" before the members.

The new management of the Vault of Providence for National Police Staff, created in colonial times, took office on 25 September 2019.

Speaking at a press conference on the balance sheet of the activities carried out during the first 100 days of the new management, Domingos Jerónimo said that the more than 120,000 members divorced the previous management for "failing to provide any social support" to them.

"Since 2014 the Vault has stopped providing support to members without any reason to justify such a measure. The outgoing management no longer honours its fundamental commitments enshrined in the statutes of the Vault", he noted.

Among the "failures" of the previous management of the CPPPN, he said, were the "non-award", since 2015, of death grants and retirement pensions to members.

"Hard and priority work by the current management has shown that the cases that had been brought in from 2015 to 2019 had not been attended to", he pointed out.

In the area of management and administration of the funds, Domingos Jerónimo said that his predecessors "did not use the basic tools of management", such as the budget, a situation that led them to "sail in the wind".

For, he said, the outgoing management did not have a "document that would provision the revenues that would fit the expenses".

In addition, he said, "since 2014, the outgoing management no longer valued the board of directors, which means that decisions were taken unilaterally".

The chief superintendent of the police also said that, on the economic and financial question, the outgoing management had plunged the Vault into a "catastrophic situation".

As a result of the loans taken out by the previous management of the CPPPN, he explained, a week after the new management took over, the BIC bank, "without any notification", "coercively" mobilised the time deposits domiciled there.

"There are about 1 million euros and 5 million US dollars mobilized by this bank", he pointed.

He added: "We have found the safe totally in debt, both with the bank and with other creditors. All the assets of the safe, including the building where the headquarters of the institution is located, are mortgaged to the bank".

The president of the CPPPN also accused the previous management of having assumed commitments with members for the allocation of residences, but they did not receive the residences even after payments were made.

"But they have not, to date, received their residences. Deposits that have not been made in the Vault's accounts, but in accounts outside the institution', he said.

This situation, he said, "has forced the current management to renegotiate with the members injured, in some cases have been made reimbursements.

The CPPPN is one of the largest mutual associations in Angola and has as its general objective the organized expression of "solidarity and justice" among its members, ensuring special and complementary social protection of them and their families.


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