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PGR justice technicians on strike denounce threats from the management

The National Union of Justice Technicians of the Attorney General's Office (PGR), which this Tuesday is the second day of strike until Friday, denounced that its members are being threatened by the PGR's management.


In a press conference, the union's spokesman, João Correia Neto, said that the level of adhesion to the strike is 100 percent across the country, with all services paralyzed.

João Correia Neto stressed that the 16-point claim sheet, in which they demand salary and working conditions improvements, was delivered in March of this year to the PGR management.

According to the union leader, negotiations began in April, and the PGR management requested a 60-day moratorium, which ended in June, without however resolving any of the points.

"After strong pressure from our affiliates and the findings of a tour we made around the country, the compromising, degrading and inhuman condition offered to justice and administrative technicians, the union leadership and provincial secretaries saw fit to proceed with the strike on the 14th," he said.

The union accuses the PGR management of, "imbued with a military spirit", of not respecting the workers' position.

"And he responds to us in an aberrant and not cordial way, even uttering offenses, treating us as 'not loyal', because we are going to demand the rights that we have and that are duly enshrined in the Constitution and the law", he described.

According to the union leader, the PGR's management, "as it does not have the spirit to negotiate", flees from the legal representatives of the justice and administrative technicians and forced a meeting with the affiliates, to whom it has allegedly made threats.

"They threaten with salary discounts and, for those who were newly qualified, they threaten with the commitment of the continuation of their employment relationship, an unconstitutional situation, because they also claim that they will make salary discounts for all affiliates who joined the strike", stressed.

João Correia Neto said that, if the demands contained in the claim book are not met, the union has already prepared the second phase of the strike for the month of December this year.

The justice and administrative technicians of the PGR demand the payment of a subsidy of 30 percent to the technicians assigned to the police and the respective retroactive ones from September 2012, which must be extended to all technicians in full function regardless of location and area of current placement, taking into account its constant turnover.

The union also demands the payment of the extraordinary subsidy of 100,000 kwanzas from the Safe of Justice or that are extraordinarily carried over from the special regime of justice technician.

Still with regard to salary improvements, the union demands that the payment of 39,000 kwanzas that the PGR technicians in Luanda benefit from be extended to other employees in the rest of the country, also asking for payment regarding the isolation allowance for all those who are placed outside cities, in accordance with the civil service law.

With regard to working conditions, the union requests the installation of Internet services in all areas of the PGR, the acquisition of Automatic Payment Terminals (TPA) for the settlement of bonds and the distribution of transport for administrative work and for support from home service staff and vice versa.

"We drew the attention of the PGR management to the need to create conditions, in addition to canteens, transport for employees, but they buy jeeps for prosecutors, a jeep that costs three mini-buses that could help the mobility of most technicians", lamented João Correia Neto.

João Correia Neto said that the justice and administrative technicians of the PGR are aware of their responsibilities, "but it is not possible if the justice technician does diligence on a kupapata [three-wheel motorcycle]".

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