Ver Angola


Blésnya Minher stars in H&M's Conscious Exclusive 2020 campaign

Blésnya Minher is the protagonist of the new H&M Conscious Exclusive AW20 collection, which arrives in several countries, such as Portugal, at the beginning of next December.


The H&M Conscious Exclusive AW20 collection features fashion items made from waste. A new beauty concept released by Blésnya Minher, the new face of the campaign, which wears a sophisticated collection full of colors and commemorative prints. A mix between casual and sexy that gives a new meaning to what is sustainable fashion, says a statement sent to VerAngola.

"For the AW20 collection we wanted to be truly pioneers - pushing the limits of creativity and sustainable fashion - by focusing on waste. As a result, each piece in this collection is created from truly fantastic materials produced from waste," he says Ann- Sofie Johansson, Creative Advisor at H&M.

It should be noted that the Angolan model has already traveled to Rome with the Swedish giant H&M. At the end of last year, he paraded for the collaboration between H&M and designer Giambattista Valli.