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Bornito de Sousa and Ana Paula de Carvalho in “cultural tour” for the heritage of Luanda

The Vice President of the Republic, Bornito de Sousa, the Governor of Luanda, Ana Paula de Carvalho and the Minister of Culture, Tourism and Environment, Jomo Fortunato, met for a working visit to the Urban District of Ingombota.


The Vice-President of the Republic's agenda included a visit to some culturally emblematic places in the district, namely the Natural History Museum, the Mural of the deceased artists, the headquarters of the Association of Natural Friends of Ilha De Luanda "Anazanga" and the Group Rebita, the União Mundo da Ilha Carnival Association, the Art and Culture Foundation, the Ilha de Luanda Forest, Rua dos Mercadores and finally, the António Agostinho Neto Memorial.

In the visit to the Forest of Ilha de Luanda, the Vice-President highlighted the environmental importance of forests, as they allow the oxygenation of the environment. "There are some projects for the forest that are under negotiation and I believe that through them, not only will the capital city be valued for tourism, but we will also have institutions or entities that will help preserve the forest and improve it as a whole, placing some spaces available to the residents of Luanda Province," he said, in a statement that VerAngola had access to.

In turn, the Governor of Luanda, Ana Paula de Carvalho, spoke about the relevance of culture and art in the life of a city, and called for internal and external tourism. "It ended up being a morning dedicated to culture, in a District where we can see various artistic records, with emphasis on the Art and Culture Foundation, for the teaching they teach children to value waste, learning music, dance, painting and other cultural activities" , he stated.

The Minister of Culture, Tourism and Environment considered that this was an "important cultural journey", which was worthy of its cultural and historical substance. Jomo Fortunato also mentioned that Angolan culture is vibrant and dynamic and that more attention should be paid to Massemba, which needs a deep study of its history.