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Osvaldo Mboco says that the visit of the American Secretary of Defense demonstrates the country’s geopolitical importance

Angolan analyst for international issues Osvaldo Mboco considered the visit of the United States Secretary of Defense a clear demonstration of Angola's geopolitical importance, at a time when Africa is facing several security-related challenges.

: O secretário da Defesa americano continuou o seu périplo africano com nova paragem, desta vez no Quénia. Foto: John Ochieng
O secretário da Defesa americano continuou o seu périplo africano com nova paragem, desta vez no Quénia. Foto: John Ochieng  

Osvaldo Mboco made these considerations, in statements to the Lusa agency, on the day that the Secretary of Defense of the United States of America (USA), Lloyd Austin, arrived in Angola, as part of a tour he is undertaking on the African continent.

"The fact of choosing Angola as one of the countries to be visited clearly demonstrates the geopolitical importance of Angola, with regard to issues linked to American defense interests at the international system level, with particular emphasis on the African continent", said Osvaldo Mboco .

The university professor also highlighted that the visit takes place at a time when the African continent is facing several challenges linked to security, namely coups d'état, terrorism, conflicts and other issues that call into question the sovereignty of States "and also put into question the interests economic, political and, to a certain extent, military that the Americans have on the African continent".

According to Osvaldo Mboco, this visit could increasingly strengthen relations between the two countries with regard to issues linked to defense and security, remembering that Angola is a country with a pacifist matrix and that anchors all its activities in international law and regulations. various organizations in which he is involved.

"Angola is a stable country from a political and military point of view, it has one of the most organized and equipped armies on the African continent, and in recent times President João Lourenço is one of the main columnists on the African continent in matters related to defense and security and management and resolution of conflicts", he said, highlighting the participation of the Angolan head of state in the management and resolution of conflicts in the Great Lakes region, in the Southern African Development Community (SADC).

All this, continued the writer, makes Angola an important point "on the map of interests in the USA".

According to the analyst, it is normal for Angola to position itself in the international system and define its circumstantial and permanent alliances, highlighting that this visit by the American Secretary of Defense "does not mean that it calls into question the traditional relations that Angola has with Russia and China".

Osvaldo Mboco admitted that the rapprochement between the Angolan and American states "clearly is a demonstration of a certain distancing or displacement of Russia in issues linked to defense and security", which "may worry Russian interests in Angola", but does not put the relationship between the two countries is at stake.

"There is room for articulation, in the most varied sectors, with the main actors", stated the expert, mentioning that the new context of the international system has been putting the President to the test, "from the point of view of his articulation with the great powers", which has opted for "soft diplomacy", in order to "not create any political, economic or even military irritation with the great world powers", namely Russia and China.

Lloyd Austin began a tour of the African continent on Sunday, which includes a visit to Angola, with an intervention scheduled for Wednesday on the new angles of the American Government's policy towards Africa, with the theme "The Power of Partnership".


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