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Family members demand compensation after young man dies outside hospital

The family of a young man who died at the Américo Boavida Hospital (HAB), in Luanda, demands compensation for the orphans and widow, blaming the institution for “negligence” and the authorities for the alleged attack that victimized him.

: Ampre Rogério/Lusa
Ampre Rogério/Lusa  

João Fernando Soma, 25 years old, died on Tuesday, at the door of the HAB, where he was allegedly denied medical assistance, and was buried this Saturday in the 14 Cemetery, amidst the commotion of his family, who demand justice and regret the way in which they were "expelled" from the hospital unit.

"Paizinho", as he was also known in the Boavista neighborhood, Urban District of Sambizanga, in Luanda, left two orphans and a pregnant widow, leading family members to ask for compensation, a residence, employment and assistance for the children.

In the precarious house where the wake was held, located in a neighborhood built in the well-known "baroques of Boavista", Madalena Domingas, the victim's mother, lamented her son's misfortune, attributing his death to the attacks he was subjected to by a Service agent. of Criminal Investigation (SIC) and the attitude of the doctor who denied him HAB assistance.

Madalena Domingas, 55 years old, weak and with a painful voice, told Lusa that her son had been attacked by a SIC agent and by members of the "Turma do Apito" (a private youth militia that patrols that neighborhood), in Mercado de Paulo, where he did odd jobs transporting loads in a wheelbarrow.

João Fernando Soma reportedly collided with a vehicle last week while transporting goods, which led to a disagreement with the driver, who demanded he pay 3000 kwanzas for the repair, which the young man did not have.

According to Madalena Domingos, her son's lack of money was the reason for him to be attacked, initially by the SIC agent, who works in the São Paulo Market, and later by members of the "Turma do Apito".

The attacks he suffered worsened his health as the days went by, which led the mother to carry her son on her back to the HAB, in the Urban District of Rangel, in search of assistance.

Madalena said that, when they arrived at the hospital's emergency department, the doctor on duty informed them that they were not receiving any injured people and that they should go to Josina Machel Hospital.

"I said to at least do first aid and then carry out the transfer, but you turned your back on me and entered the room", lamented Madalena, adding that she left the emergency bank to the gate with the help of a stretcher-bearer.

"But at the stop (adjacent area to HAB) he was put on the ground and (that's) where, in all that time spent looking for a taxi, the kid ended up dying on the sidewalk", she explained.

After her son's death, she revealed, a HAB medical team rushed to the scene, but at that time she prevented anyone from approaching the victim: "I told them not to touch my son."

With six months of pregnancy and two more children, widow Linda Mateus, 21 years old, is unemployed and asks for help to support her children, demanding that those responsible for her husband's death be brought to justice.

Compensation for the family, with registration for the orphans, a residence and employment for the widow, were also requested by the victim's uncle, Domingos Castro, who lamented the "poor service in public hospitals".

The HAB management announced, on Wednesday, the suspension of the medical team, following the incident, and reported the incident, due to alleged negligence of the medical team on duty, to the Criminal Investigation Service (SIC), promising "due accountability " of the doctor who will have denied assistance to the patient.

Various political and civil society sectors repudiated the alleged case of "medical negligence", in addition to others reported by users of public hospitals, calling for those responsible to be held accountable.

Lusa tried to contact the SIC to obtain clarification about the alleged aggression of which the young man was a victim, without success so far.


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