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Open letter to President João Lourenço

Janísio Salomão

Master of Business Administration, Business Consultant and Chartered Accountant

I begin by congratulating you on your reappointment as President of the Republic of Angola, for the 2022-2027 term. This Thursday, September 15th, we witnessed once again his investiture as the highest representative of the republic.


As a Christian I believe that there is nothing that happens without God's permission, and there is no power that does not come from God, for all powers by Him were ordained (cf. Romans 13:1).

A new legislature, a new cycle begins, a new page to write. A page of hope for a suffering people, who deserve to dream of a better Angola, with a smile on their lips.

Now you are President of all Angolans, our eyes are fixed on you, in the hope that you can govern like a leader. The leader is the one who manages to bring everyone together, even the disaffected and dissatisfied. The leader does not scatter, the leader gathers. The leader does not serve himself, the leader serves the people.

During your first term, Your Excellency pronounced a famous sentence, which ended up becoming like a light at the end of the tunnel and at the same time rekindled the hope of the Angolan people: "No one is rich or powerful enough that they cannot be punished, no one is too poor that it cannot be protected". Not everything went well, and it is also known that the expectations of many Angolans ended up being dashed.

Flattery still corrodes the nation, Your Honor. The intrigue, gossip and nepotism that reigned during his first consulate is not expected to be part of his new executive.

Govern for all, dialogue more, do not allow your executive to impose instead of negotiating, seek consensus, place ministers who are more humble and less arrogant and boastful, believing they have all the knowledge. We are all children of this Angola nation, do not have children and stepchildren.

We know that the journey is long and requires firm and sure steps. Do not blink left and turn right or vice versa. We need a safe conduct of this country that you find in your hands, which your Excellency is the main conductor.

I wish you success in this arduous endeavor that begins now.

Opinion of
Janísio Salomão

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