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Afrika Film Festival Köln shows five Angolan films and invites Fradique to sponsor the festival

The German Afrika Film Festival Köln, which starts this Thursday, paints cinema with the colors of Angola. In commemoration of the festival's 30 years, the Angolan director Fradique will be the godfather of this edition, which includes the screening of national films such as 'Nossa Senhora da Loja do Chinês', the presence of directors Ery Claver and Kamy Lara and a performance by the singer Aline Frazão.


Created in 1992, the festival started as a small selection of West African films shown at Filmpalette, the smallest cinema in the German city of Cologne, becoming 30 years later the biggest event in the German film industry with contemporary content from all regions. of Africa and the diaspora.

"The Future - Visions of Africa" ​​is the focus of this edition, a theme conceived in the classic programming of the festival that presents the visionary founders of independent African cinemas, as a starting point that intends to reflect the current cinematographic production in Africa and thoughts about the future of the cultural, both on the continent and in its diaspora.

In addition to the festival's sponsor, Angola will be present with the screening of five films that fall into the 'Focus Angola' and 'African Shorts' categories, with discussion tables following the screenings.

In the presentation text of the program for the 19th edition of the Afrika Film Festival Köln, Fradique presents some of his concerns, which are also those of a generation of African filmmakers that refuses to accept.

"When a story ends - or 'falls into the ocean', as we say - it creates dreams, it has energy and direction," said Djibril Diop Mambéty. Cinema has been my gateway to my country, to my neighbors and to my It opened my mind politically and brought me closer to some of the most uncomfortable questions of my life. This is what cinema does, this is what art does - it doesn't just entertain us, it moves us slowly to from within".

As an African filmmaker, he continues, "I soon discovered that the mere decision to produce a film becomes a political decision from the moment we decide how we produce it, how we bring our teams together, the stories we tell, where and how we share our films - especially if we share our films in Europe. In recent years, as we finally move into deeper conversations about Europe's post-colonial relationship of extractive isms with our continent, many European film curators and festivals play with the politics of inclusion without really getting involved or listening to the toughest questions. And if you look at the high number of African film festivals outside the African continent, you would think that African cinema or filmmakers thrive beyond their borders. is really necessary to create a safe space for African filmmakers to share their work, their experiences and to really prosper?", he asks, in a statement sent to VerAngola.

"I believe that the festival you are about to attend has been concerned with all these issues since its first edition in 1992. From its impressive film selection history to the conversations African filmmakers have had the opportunity to hold in previous editions. - this is a festival that is willing to do something very revolutionary, to listen to. But rest assured that this huge feat is not a lifetime guarantee. It is something that can quickly appear, and be pushed to the side, or easily forgotten. It is said that this year's anniversary edition comes with the opportunity for all of us to revisit some of those dreams, and feel the energy and direction of a new generation of African filmmakers. Let's fall into the ocean", concludes the Angolan director.

The festival will screen the Angolan films 'Nossa Senhora da Loja do Chinês' by Ery Claver, 'Elinga Teatro 1988/2018' by Paulo Azevedo, 'Vou Mudar a Cozinha' by Ondjaki, 'Moça by Denis Miala' and 'Nzinga Ngola' of Collective Directing, all included in the category 'Focus Angola' and 'African Shorts', and the Debate Tables will have as guests the directors Fradique, Ery Claver and Kamy Lara, the last two invited by the festival's organization.

Angola will also be present at the closing celebrations of the festival through the concert by singer Aline Frazão, who will present her latest album 'Uma Música Angolana', on the 25th of September.

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