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Angola arrests planes, buildings on Wall Street and Dubai, a Lamborghini and a SPA

Angola seized and seized luxury goods such as planes, buildings on Wall Street and Dubai and a Lamborghini, but also a football training center and a SPA, as part of the fight against corruption.

: Ampe Rogério/Lusa
Ampe Rogério/Lusa  

These goods and assets, which are not yet being managed by the Angolan government, awaiting a final court decision, are included in the updated list available on the website of the Attorney General of the Republic of Angola, separated by seized, arrested and recovered goods.

The list, consulted this Saturday by Lusa, features 219 assets recovered, 167 arrested and 521 seized, including more than 500 million euros in cash in Portugal, a country where Angola is expected to manage several properties in Lisbon, Porto and Santarém, an apartment in Rio de Mouro, on the outskirts of the capital, and villas in the Algarve, among others, if it wins the court cases.

The PGR website presents the description of the asset, the value, the custodian, the current situation and the year, without specifying who the previous owner was, given that, for example, among the assets seized are 30 watches worth 2.6 billion dollars which have been 'in the custody of the custodian', the National Bank of Angola, since 2021, or the Tambarino condominium, in Benguela, worth 138 million dollars, whose trustee is the Banco de Poupança e Credit.

Among the seized assets is a Lamborghini, seized in 2021 which, like dozens of other luxury brand vehicles, yachts, trucks, jet skis, trailers and jeeps, is still awaiting evaluation.

In addition to vehicles, Angola also seized, as part of the fight against corruption, trucks, schools, villas in the Algarve, luxury apartments in Lisbon, Cascais and Santarém, a car park in Huíla, dozens of hotels, a treatment center and SPA, a hemodialysis center in Luanda, 49 percent of Standard Bank shares in Angola (worth 117 million euros) and even a football training center in Cacuaco, which is assigned to a public institution.

Among the assets seized by the Angolan authorities are, according to the list available on the PGR website, several aircraft, a hotel in China valued at US$25 million, two buildings worth 130 million dollars in Singapore, in addition to the most valuable asset on the entire list, the four-story building at Wall Street, No.

This, of course, in addition to many millions of dollars, pounds, euros and kwanzas, of which more than 500 million euros were seized in Portugal, in seizures ranging from 484 euros to very significant amounts, with single values of 51.9 million euros, 71.9 million or 102.6 million euros, the single most valuable seizure in Portugal in the list of seized assets, available on the PGR website.

Among the assets seized are also the 26 percent of the shares in NOS, which join the 42.5 percent of the shares in Banco Euro BIC, 51 percent of the shares in Banco Fomento Angola and 42.5 percent of the shares in Banco BIC, whose trustees are the boards of directors of the companies.

The list of the National Asset Recovery Service (Senra), published on Monday, includes 219 assets and assets recovered, seized or arrested, part of which are related to ongoing proceedings, for a total of 19 billion dollars.

Of these, 7 billion dollars correspond to recovered assets and around 12 billion dollars were seized or arrested.

Last week, the director of the National Asset Recovery Service (Senra), Eduarda Rodrigues, said that over the last two years, over 24 billion dollars had been identified in processes under investigation into the recovery of assets, a sum that now amounts to 70 billion dollars.


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