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Aline Frazão: “Angola is experiencing a year of political reflection”

Aline Frazão “very happy” to be on stage for the third time at the Festival Músicas do Mundo de Sines (FMM), in Portugal, believes that 2022 could be a year of “thinking about the importance of changing things in Angola”.


The Angolan singer, guitarist and writer returned to the Festival Músicas de Mundo de Sines to present the new album "Uma Música Angolana".

The artist had already passed through Sines in 2013 and 2015 and presented "an affective palette of rhythms ranging from Angolan massemba to Cape Verdean batuku, passing through maracatu and afoxé from Brazil".

"Uma Música Angolana" is an album that celebrates African rhythms not only from Angola, but from other latitudes, including African rhythms from outside the African continent.

"It's a party album, a celebration album, not only for the context in which it emerged, after a pandemic that marks all musical production and the lives of all people, but also important in this troubled phase that we are living politically", says Aline Frazão in an interview with Lusa.

"Enjoying music is important. Life is not just about work. And music has a bit of a role in summoning emotions. And this is a kind of joint therapy of completely different people, who don't know each other at all. Politically different, but they're watching the same music. I think that's beautiful and important," he said.

The singer-songwriter looked at the FMM schedule and enjoyed seeing "so many amazing women, so many talented women from all over the world, all skin colors."

Aline Frazão considers it essential that the FMM has "greater parity not only in terms of gender, but also representation of artists from the LGBT community".

The singer-songwriter's work dialogues "always a lot with Luanda" and political issues end up being "always permeating" her day-to-day. In an election year, Aline continues to think "that music is important and that music has always been important".

Angolan music "has always been important and has always had an important political aspect, an aspect of reading the times, even kuduro itself is directly connected with the traumas of the civil war", she reveals.

"That aggressiveness is linked to the 1990s and the civil war in Angola, which was very violent," she adds.

In a year of political reflection, Angolans "will be able to go to the polls to vote, listen to the parties, think about the importance of changing things" in Angola, said Frazão.

"I think that this year and over the years, there is one thing that is unbeatable, which is the new generations and the passage of time, and the new generations have a history, an experience and a memory that is very different from other generations", says.

"These are generations that have not lived through the civil war, for example, or that no longer have a connection with the romanticism of Angola's early years as a country. These changes will most likely be reflected in the results", concludes Aline Frazão. .

The World Music Festival (FMM) returned Friday to the municipality of Sines, where it will take place until July 30, after a two-year break, with a program that includes 47 concerts by artists from four continents.

Ava Rocha, Bia Ferreira, Letrux, Marina Sena (Brazil), Ana Tijoux (Chile), Queen Ifrica (Jamaica), Omara Portuondo (Cuba), Dominique Fils-Aimé (Quebec, Canada), Dulce Pontes and Sara Correia (Portugal) are some of the artists featured on the 22nd FMM poster, postponed to this year due to the covid-19 pandemic.

Seun Kuti & Egypt 80, Etuk Ubong (Nigeria), James BKS (Cameroon), Re:Imaginar Monte Cara (Cape Verde), Club Makumba, Fado Bicha, Paulo Bragança, Pedro Mafama (Portugal), Albert Pla and Angélica Salvi (Spain) ) are also among the confirmed artists this year.

As in previous editions, the program is divided between the village of Porto Covo, between Friday and Sunday, and the city of Sines, from the 25th to the 30th of July.

In addition to the concerts, the festival's program includes a series of parallel initiatives, such as exhibitions, 'workshops', guided tours, street entertainment, a book and record fair and debates.

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