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MPLA warns opponents that power "is not achieved with untruths" and calls for "patriotism"

The MPLA warned its “adversaries” that power “is not conquered with untruths and tarnishing the name of the country across borders”, urging them to “responsibility, respect and patriotism” in the exercise of freedom of expression.


"We do not need to opt for untruths riddled with fallacies and self-victimization, uttering statements that demonstrate ignorance and disrespect for institutions," said this Friday the vice president of the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA), Luísa Damião, in the province of Cunene.

For the party leader of the "comrades", in a "clear despair or unrestrained eagerness" for power, "certain adversaries forget that this must be legitimized by the sovereign will of the people".
"It is not with untruths that power is conquered, much less staining the country abroad. The Angolan people are attentive, follow and applaud the political, economic and social reforms led by comrade President João Lourenço and will know how to make their choice ", said.

Luísa Damião was speaking at the opening of the interprovincial meeting of the executive secretaries of the MPLA's intermediate bodies in the south, which takes place in the drought-affected province of Cunene, in the south of the country.
The meeting brings together the governors of the provinces of Cunene, Cuando-Cubango, Huíla and Namibe, who are also provincial secretaries of this party.

According to the vice president of the party, in the current context of the pandemic, inside and outside the country, there are few examples of economies that have reached satisfactory milestones in terms of growth.
"And not taking this into account is synonymous with sheer ignorance of the most elementary market principles," she shot.

The president of the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA), Adalberto Costa Júnior, gave an interview this week to Portuguese television RTP in which he "criticized the Angolan Government and deplored the social condition of Angolan families".

Today, in her speech, Luísa Damião considered that the democratization of Angolan society "has been, in recent times, through the expansion of the space for intervention, expression and expression of opinions".

"It is undeniable that, today, it is one of the main gains, recognized repeatedly by international organizations, however, the expansion of freedoms implies greater responsibility and accountability", she defended.
This vertex, she stressed, "is, for convenience, ignored in profound manipulation of national and international public opinion."

The MPLA, he assured, "will continue to strive for frank and open dialogue and consolidate the gains of democracy. While our opponents are only focused on achieving power at any cost, we must do our job well (...) ", noted.

Regarding the socio-economic context of the southern provinces of Angola affected by the drought, Luísa Damião said that his party "is pleased with the continued implementation of structural measures by the Angolan government" in order to solve the problem of water and the situation of scarcity of water. food, derived from the drought, and praised "the wave of solidarity, humanism and a spirit of altruism that characterize the Angolan citizens".

"We are aware of the challenges that lie ahead and the need to continue working to fulfill the wishes and aspirations of Angolans", concluded the also deputy to the National Assembly.