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State security organs will have a "special accountability regime"

The Government will define a "special regime of coverage, execution, and accountability" for expenses channeled to the State's security organs, aiming for "greater transparency" in spending in this sector "given recent developments.

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According to the Secretary of State of Finance for the Budget, Aia Eza da Silva, who was speaking this Friday in parliament the "clarity in the rendering of accounts" is an issue that guides the actions of the Ministry of Finance in the area of transparency.

"The recent developments, which we have all been following, have given us more and more clarity and more and more notion of the importance of this issue (accountability) and we are dealing with it," said the minister in response to an MP.

The deputy from the Broad Convergence for the Salvation of Angola - Electoral Coalition (CASA-CE), André Mendes de Carvalho, defended this Friday the need for the creation of a "special regime of coverage, execution and accountability for special expenses to sovereign bodies and public services that perform internal and external security functions of the State integrated in the National Security System".

For the CASA-CE deputy, who was speaking during the discussion and vote on the draft resolution on the appreciation of the execution report of the General State Budget (OGE) for the fourth quarter of 2020, only this regime can provide "better monitoring of expenses linked to the Special Security Financial Funds.

"This accountability was supposed to be done through this special regime in terms that ensure the reserved or secret nature of these functions and the public interest with effectiveness, promptness and efficiency," said the deputy.

"It happens that this special regime has not been created so far and even if it were created it is our understanding that this special regime should be linked to the National Assembly, because the Constitution attributed this competence to the National Assembly, which approves the OGE and which has to certify that the expenses made were done correctly and that the accounts are correct," he argued.

André Mendes de Carvalho, also a reserve admiral, also considers that the control of expenses channeled to the state security organs "cannot continue without a legal solution": "Because it is right here where an enormous amount of money is lost.

"Because we don't have an adequate control mechanism and, with this money, I can buy a house in Cascais", the deputy ironically added.

The issue of accountability of the state security organs has been a recurring approach in various circles in Angola, following the arrest of Major Pedro Lussaty, linked to the President of the Republic's Security House, after being found with large sums of money in suitcases, boxes and in vehicles.

The officer of the Angolan Armed Forces (FAA) is indicted for corruption, money retention and criminal association, which led to the resignation and arrest of several other officers allegedly involved in the case.

This Friday, the Secretary of State for the Treasury, without specifying, said that recent developments "have given greater clarity" to the authorities, stating that the "work (of control and supervision) involves not only the Ministry of Finance.

But, he noted, it is a work that involves several bodies including the parliament and we at the right time will bring the proposals to see which way to go."

"So that also in this issue (state security organs), we have greater transparency within the perspective of this expense, which is an expense that cannot be totally open, that is, shown in certain forums," Aia Eza da Silva concluded.

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