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Only four national companies have presented themselves as operators for the blocks in the Congo and Kwanza Basins

Of the 13 national companies bidding for onshore blocks in the Lower Congo and Kwanza Basins, only four presented themselves as operators. In question are Somoil, Simples Oil, Tusker Energy and Mineral One.


Somoil bid as operator for two blocks, wanting to have half (50 percent) of the interest in the blocks.

According to Expansão, only two foreign companies outbid Somoil. This is the case of the American Inthank Oil, which bid for block 1 in the Congo Basin, and the Canadian MTI Energy, which submitted bids for eight blocks as operator.

Besides Somoil, Simple Oil, which belongs to Alberto Mendes, son of the former governor of Bengo Isalino Mendes, also presented proposals as operator.

The list of the four Angolan companies to present themselves as operators is completed by Tusker Energy - owned by two Angolans who are sons of Paul Laker, a South African who has been living in Angola for several years and operates in the oil sector - and by Mineral One - a public limited company.

The international tender for the nine blocks in the Lower Congo and Kwanza onshore basins received a total of 16 bids, of which 13 were from Angolan companies.