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Court of Auditors regrets not having access to the Integrated Financial Management System

The Court of Auditors (TC) complained this Wednesday that it "has no access" to the Integrated System of State Financial Management (SIGFE) for the monitoring and implementation of its supervisory action, considering the "obstacle" an "original sin".


The State's Integrated Financial Management System is managed by the Ministry of Finance.

"We have been discussing and just this week I had a meeting with the Minister of Finance and we addressed this issue again, the minister insists on saying that the systems are open, but in fact the information we have inside the Court is that the process is limited," said this Wednesday the president of the TC, Exalgina Gamboa.

The "difficulties in accessing SIGFE" were presented this Wednesday by technicians of that judicial body who say they are working "without any comparison criteria" in the analysis of budget execution reports and other documents.

Exalgina Gamboa, who was speaking in the panel on "Regulation of Concomitant Supervision", as part of the "2nd Methodological Meeting of Officials", considered that since the computer systems are not available, it is necessary to "go the traditional way".

It is necessary to "request the information in writing to be supplied to us and if they don't, these entities should be held responsible according to the law," noted the magistrate.

According to Exalgina Gamboa, work is already underway to computerize the internal system of the court, to access different technological platforms, arguing, however, that the Ministry of Finance "should place the TC in a privileged position in accessing information.

"So far, the information we have access to is only deferred information, that is, we are in 2021 and we only have access to information from 2019 and this is an issue that must be seen at a higher level and we will continue to work to have de facto access," he stressed.

"But we will not stop, we can ask for the information through reports, search through research, it takes a lot of research, because long before you do the audit you have to know the entities well," he mentioned.

For her part, the presiding judge of the 2nd Chamber of the Court of Auditors, Elisa Rangel, pointed out the "lack of information" as "some of the constraints" of the current concurrent inspection in Angola.

Another constraint "that is notorious," she explained, "is the lack of access to information platforms that would allow a real time follow-up of the development of the various objects that are in the scope of this type of inspection," said Elisa Rangel.

"In fact, this is a cardinal sin that hinders the best performance of the inspection in the Court of Auditors," pointed out the judge.

"The interminable wait for information to be granted by the entities, by the inspector, and the inspector's dependence on information that arrives late or never arrives, because there is still a great fear of sharing this information with the Court of Auditors, are other factors that hinder the work of the public servants of this court," added Elisa Rangel.

This "2nd Staff Methodological Meeting" of the Court of Auditors, which began on Wednesday and ends on Thursday, analyzes the implementation of the 2020-2023 strategic plan "for the improvement of public finances," the proposed revision of the Organic Law of this body, and other topics.