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Court of Auditors marks significant improvement in State accountability

The Court of Auditors sees a “significant improvement in the executive’s performance”, in the report with the opinion of the General State Account of 2022, which it delivered to parliament, with less than a third of the previous recommendations.


The observation was made by the advisor judge of the Court of Auditors Fausto Simões, one of the deputy rapporteur judges of the opinion on the General State Account 2022, when he spoke to the press at the end of the document's delivery to the National Assembly.

This opinion contains only 21 recommendations, compared to the 74 of the previous one, highlighted Fausto Simões. "It shows an improvement in the ease of the executive's accountability", said the judge advisor.

Fausto Simões highlighted some of the recommendations, citing the coherence and articulation in some programming and budget execution instruments, the improvement of procedures for reconciling data from different State systems and the registration of structuring projects completed and to be incorporated into the accounts of the active.

"I'm just mentioning those that I consider most important, [such as] greater detail in the presentation of information, implementation of internal control procedures, better control of social security accounts", he stressed.

The fewer recommendations from the Court of Auditors demonstrate the improvement in the Government's accountability, both for central and local bodies and for social security accounts, explained the court's advisory judge.

"This year is much better than previous years and it couldn't be any different, whether the executive or the local bodies of the State, the local administration bodies or the court, we all work towards a better performance of what management is of public financial resources", he highlighted.

According to Fausto Simões, since 2020 to date, more than 70 percent of the recommendations made by the Court of Auditors have been accepted, highlighting that it is still far from 100 percent, but that it is gradually being seen "that they are being accepted more acutely in recent times".

The Court of Auditors has been monitoring its recommendations, according to Fausto Simões, through the various audits carried out on State bodies, the accountability processes that reach the court of the budgeted bodies, inquiries, responses to inquiries requested from the Ministry of Finance and fundamentally through the data taken from the State's Integrated Financial Management System (SIGFE).

The public business sector is decisive in this assessment, central government bodies are also central, and therefore a large part of the audits focus on these central government bodies, said the judge.

"Special attention has also been given to social security and includes the INSS, the social security fund of the Angolan Armed Forces, the social protection fund of the Ministry of the Interior", he added, highlighting that in this assessment of social security, where there is a surplus of more than approximately 300 billion kwanzas.

For the magistrate, this surplus is a guarantee for Angolan society "that the next generations have their social protection guaranteed in terms of reforms, in terms of subsidies".

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