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Angola has 1633 architects enrolled in the Order but needs twice as much

The Order of Architects of Angola (OAA) has 1,633 professionals registered, 90 percent of whom are posted in Luanda province, but the country needs 3,309, that is, twice as many, estimated the chairman.

: Tony Winston/Agência Brasília
Tony Winston/Agência Brasília  

Celestino Chitonho was a speaker at the seminar on "Public contracting, architecture and engineering in favor of fiscal consolidation", promoted by the National Public Contracting Service.

In Luanda, informed the chairman, there are 1,465 architects, when only 908 professionals would be needed. "It means that 557 are too many", he said, indicating that the province of Benguela has 40 architects, but needs 275.

The chairman of the OAA highlighted that in Angola it is common to say that corruption "was quite harmful" to the country's economy, however, the waste would also have been due to the inexistence of the culture of public architectural competitions or due to constructions without projects or incomplete projects.

"And a lot is wasted in terms of construction, when there is no project, when there are incomplete projects, not only from the public point of view, but also individually", he stressed.

According to Celestino Chitonho, the accentuated deficit of professionals is verified throughout the country, informing that Bié has four architects and needs 188, Bengo has one when it needs 50 and Cabinda has 27 but needs 89.

Cuanza Norte has 14 and needs 55, Cuanza Sul has three but needs 237, Cunene has six and needs 127, Cuando Cubango has six and needs 96, Huambo has eight and needs 265 and Huíla has nine and needs 319, he quantified.

According to Celestino Chitonho, the province of Lunda Sul has five and needs 69, Lunda Norte has three and needs 109, Malanje has 16 and needs 125, Moxico has four and needs 68, Namibe has ten and need 65, Uíje have nine and need 187, while Zaire have four but need 77.

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