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Luaty Beirão: electoral fraud “has already been prepared”

Luso-Angolan activist Luaty Beirão said that the fraud in the August 24 general elections “has been done since last year” and the ongoing actions are “preparatory acts for the evasion of popular sovereignty”.


"The fraud is prepared and declared and only those who don't want to see it don't see it, because all the acts of contracting were abusive, they violated the Public Contracting Law, Indra, the company of "Kopelipa" (former head of the Casa Military of the President of the Republic in the José Eduardo dos Santos era) to transport ballot boxes", he said in statements to Lusa.

For Luaty Beirão, the "fraudulent actions" also include the company Sinfic, "which managed the database of registered voters in the diaspora, without the embassies having access to this data of registered citizens".

"Everything that is being done, and this now of the unpublished lists of registered people, are more than evident indications of an intention to control the way in which the results are going to be presented", she said.

According to the activist, the construction of the headquarters of the National Electoral Commission (CNE), on the perimeter of the presidential palace and the change in the electoral law are part of the "fraudulent package" of the upcoming elections.

"Everything has been done, and only those who don't want to see and who don't see it, so that once again we are the target of results prepared in advance and presented that we will have to swallow as final results", he criticized.

"Because it will be the official version of these results, everything, as civil society, we try to do is provide enough information to show that this manipulation exists and to give an idea of ​​what the results would be if the elections were transparent", he maintained.

The activist also criticized the public tenders promoted by the CNE, considering them "a great fraud", and the "silence" of the president of the electoral body in not responding to his request for accreditation for electoral observation in more than 15 days.

"We have already written to the CNE and have not received a response, the law obliges the president of the CNE to respond within 15 days, he never responded, so who is the law for after all? Who has to comply", he asked.

Luaty Beirão reiterated that "the fraud is done and will be consummated on August 24th and then it will be sealed with the announcement of the results they want to give".

The CNE announced on Friday that it will issue invitations for election observation to nine international organizations, namely the European Union (EU), African Union, Community of Portuguese-Speaking Countries (CPLP), Southern African Development Community (SADC) and US Carter Center.

Invitations to observe the Angolan general elections will also be made to the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), the International Conference for the Great Lakes Region (CIRGL), the Forum of Electoral Commissions of SADC Countries and the Conference of African Jurisdictions.

In the opinion of the well-known activist of the 15+2 process, the invitations made to the EU and the Carter Center of the United States of America (USA) "are cynical" because, he justified, these entities "demonstrated a willingness to participate, but requested an invitation longer ago because they needed to organize".

"They need to organize themselves, prepare teams and unlock funds. This is not done 60 days before the elections. They (international organizations) have explained at length the reasons for this early invitation. The Carter Institute this year didn't even bother because of the twists that gave them in 2017, when they showed interest", concluded the activist.

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