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We live on pimpas, it's all pimpas

Janísio Salomão

Master of Business Administration, Business Consultant and Chartered Accountant


When we understand that having

is more important than being,

things are not going well;

When gardening * buttocks becomes an escape

instead of gardening the brain

things are not going well;

When the investment becomes the gym

instead of college

things are definitely not right;

While greed, superimposing ethics and morals

things are not going to be okay;

When the profane replace the sacred

things are not going well;

When the obvious, abandon reason

things are definitely not right

raw minds

dirty clothes

outside the home are washed

truths are revealed

poor minds

naked nights

streets, alleys and alleys

who pays, pope *, is chatite *

banga is banga * all pimpas

star, star I am

do you know who I am?

do you know how many stars i have?

make way

bags more bags

all sealed

rucas * more rucas, pim, pim!

ladies after ladies

show more show, selfies and yachts

facebook, instagram, twitter, it's done, just pimpas

straight talk, kumbu * in the pocket

whoever is * already, it is already!

we sow

giants we become

with clay feet

storm we reaped

bwe * de pimpa * after all, nothing is yours

you ate ginguba, underwater

the shells, we are all seeing

it's all pimpas

we live on pimpas.

Maiar - sleep

Bwe - a lot

Gardening - filling your buttocks for big buttocks

Banga - vanity / vain

Rucas - Cars

Pimpa - jajão

Pope - eat, indulge pleasure

Papoite - person with a lot of money

Kumbu - Money

Opinion of
Janísio Salomão

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