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Baptista Miranda: Angolan youtuber has more than 424 thousand followers

His name is Baptista Miranda and he is one of the biggest youtubers in the country. Using the platform to publicize his day-to-day, talk about Angola and react to various situations, the Angolan is followed by Brazilian celebrities and his channel is ahead of channels such as C4 Pedro and Gilmário Vemba.


On Youtube, the Angolan has 424 thousand subscribers, a number that places him ahead of well-known names in the Angolan market. This is the case of C4 Pedro, who has 402 thousand subscribers and the comedian Gilmário Vemba, who has 100 thousand followers on Youtube.

According to Platinaline, the Angolan has been a regular presence on the platform since 2017. He has several followers from Brazil, a country where he has already been present in some programs, namely the Flow podcast – considered one of the largest in that country with more than 43 million followers. .

In addition, according to Platinaline, the Angolan created a connection with Brazilian content creators, including Filipe Neto, Pedro Orochi, Maicon Kuster, Júlio Cedo, among others, who showed interest and taste in Baptista Miranda's work.

On Instagram, the Angolan has 584 thousand followers, including some Brazilian influencers, such as Windersson Nunes and Matuê, writes Platinaline.

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