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One thousand liters of water have an average cost of 200 kwanzas

The Potable Water Tariff Plan has variable and fixed tariffs, with the fixed tariff occurring monthly and the average cost of a cubic meter (1000 liters) is 202.7 kwanzas. With regard to the country's provinces, only the capital pays 250 kwanzas for each cubic meter, while the rest have a fixed price of 200 kwanzas.


In turn, if you look at homes with low-income families, the average value is halved: 1000 liters of drinking water, for homes with low-income families, where consumption per day does not exceed 166 liters, has an average cost of 103.2 kwanzas.

According to the Drinking Water Tariff Plan, set by Joint Executive Decree n.° 230/18 of 12 June, cited by Angop, consumers with these characteristics fall into the 'Social Domestic' category, in which consumption ranges from zero to five cubic meters.

Thus, the 103.2 kwanzas concern the average of the variable tariffs of the aforementioned category, used in all provinces of the country. According to Angop, in this category, ten provinces have equal variable tariffs – 109 kwanzas –, three (Cuando Cubango, Huambo and Moxico) have the lowest, with 86 kwanzas, while Benguela and Luanda have the highest (117 kwanzas).

Therefore, it should be noted that the tariff plan includes variable and fixed tariffs. In terms of the fixed tariff, the periodicity is monthly and the average value of the cubic meter is 202.7 kwanzas, and of all the provinces in the country, only the capital pays 250 kwanzas for each cubic meter of drinking water, while the the rest have a fixed price of 200 kwanzas, writes Angop.

Regarding the variable tariff, the document explains that this refers to the amount of water supplied and consumed, while the fixed tariff is related to the type of equipment installed and its maintenance. However, according to Angop, the diploma does not mention the reason for the tariff inequalities between provinces in the same category.

Tariff categories include, alongside 'Domestic Social', 'Domestic Social 1', 'Domestic Social 2', 'Commerce and Services', 'Industry', 'Fountain', 'Girafa' and 'Rut Water', writes to Angop.

If you look at the supply of drinking water through private providers, the value increases. According to Angop, this type of supply is essentially carried out in tanker trucks that purchase, from giraffes, the cubic meter at an average price of 163.9 kwanzas, reselling each cubic meter at around 1400 kwanzas.

It should be noted that a significant portion of the country's population accesses water via these trucks due to the lack of coverage of water supply systems.

It should be noted that this Wednesday, the 22nd of March, marks World Water Day. The day was instituted on March 22, 1992, at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development, which took place in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), by the UN.


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