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Two killed during attempted squad invasion in Luanda

Two people died and three were arrested on Sunday during an attempted invasion of a police station in the municipality of Cacuaco, in Luanda, according to the National Police spokesman.


According to Nestor Goubel, a group of about 20 people approached the Boa Esperança police station and "aggressively tried to attack the sentinel" who shot him in his defense, "having hit one of the invaders who ended up succumbing" .

Then, the attackers "and others who joined in, attacked the squad with blunt objects, causing material damage to glass, lamps, a police vehicle and another of a citizen," said the official to Radio Nacional de Angola (RNA) .

A police intervention followed, following which three members of the group were detained, while another was killed when he tried to cross the road, by a vehicle that was passing by at the time.

Nestor Goubel said that security measures were taken "at the station's perimeter, and beyond, and efforts are being made to better clarify the facts".

The Provincial Command of the National Police of Luanda also announced that the capital recorded, between 26 and 28 March, 14 road accidents resulting in five deaths and 15 injuries and material damage estimated at more than 4000 dollars.

During the past 72 hours, the police also seized three firearms, including an AKM machine gun and two pistols, and detained 96 alleged citizens of various crimes, according to the Luanda Provincial Command report.

As part of the regularization and inspection of motor traffic, four motorcycles were apprehended and 260 drivers were fined for various infractions of the Highway Code.