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Angolan party alliance advances to new electoral political platform

The PDA-ANA, a political party, leads an alliance of three political forces to create a new electoral political platform, called “Bloco de Solução”, a source linked to the project revealed this Monday.

: Jornal O Apostolado
Jornal O Apostolado  

United in this project are the Democratic Party for the Progress of the Angolan National Alliance (PDP-ANA), the National Party for the Salvation of Angola (PNSA), both members of the Broad Convergence for the Salvation of Angola – Electoral Coalition (CASA-CE), and the National Unity Movement (MUN), still in the process of legalization.

According to the president of PDP-ANA, Abreu Capitão, on Saturday these three political forces met to discuss the future alliance, with the aim of creating an electoral coalition.

"The tendency is for us to form a strong coalition, never seen before in Angola, capable of surprising Angolans in a positive way," Abreu Capitão told Lusa.

The politician highlighted that civil society, namely student associations and churches, are being called upon for this movement in addition to political parties.

"We don't want to find, in the future, an Angolan who works and has nothing to offer his child at the table, we want to find an Angolan who works, who has projects for the future, who has something for life", said the leader of the PDP-ANA, criticizing the country's current social framework.

Asked whether, with the creation of this political Project, the departure of PDP-ANA from CASA-CE will be achieved, Abreu Capitão said that the party continues to be part of the electoral coalition, but the objective is to make the remaining political forces that the integrate join the future political platform.

CASA-CE, an electoral coalition that emerged on the Angolan political scene in 2012, was made up of six political parties - PDP-ANA, PNSA, Bloco Demático, PALMA, PADDA-AP and Partido Pacific Angolano (PPA) -, having won eight deputies in the 2012 general elections, a number that doubled in 2017.

In the last elections of 2022, the coalition, which was created under the leadership of Abel Chivukuvuku, who has since been removed by his partners, did not elect any deputy.

"The project aims, in the future, to have at least four to five strong parties, so as not to go to the elections in a divided manner. Only in this way can we overthrow the party in power", he highlighted.

Abreu Capitão stated that four political parties agreed to join the Project, without revealing which ones.

"We have four parties that have already accepted, it is up to the presidents themselves to take to the streets to declare", he stressed.

PDP-ANA was founded in 1991 by Nfulumpinga Nlandu Victor, who passed away in 2004.

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