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Netherlands wants to import avocados and lemons 'made in Angola'

The Netherlands wants to import avocados and Angolan lemons. The interest was shown, this Saturday, by the Dutch ambassador, Marc Léon Mazairac, who revealed that the country aims to consume and export those foods to other countries in Europe.


Marc Léon Mazairac said that the interest goes beyond avocados and lemons, however he did not reveal what other type of products 'made in Angola' is that the European country is interested in importing.

Cited by Angop, the official considered that Angola may become a distribution center for products to be exported, taking into account the maritime and geographical position of the Port of Lobito.

"We are going to work together and we hope that Angola acquires our experience so that, besides domestic consumption, it can also serve other countries, via the port and the Benguela Railroad," said the ambassador, who for about a week has been visiting the areas located in the Lobito Corridor to learn about the agricultural potential of that region.

About the conditions of the Port of Lobito, Marc Léon Mazairac considered that it is well equipped and "has conditions to receive refrigerated containers, for the conservation of perishable products such as fish and others".

"This meets our aspirations," he added.

The ambassador's visit ended at the Port of Lobito and the Benguela Railroad. This visit served for the official to get to know all the operational capacities of the port and railroad.