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Former Roque Santeiro market will be the new 'home' of the Luanda Cultural Center

The Minister of Culture and Tourism, Filipe Zau, announced that the Luanda Cultural Center should be built in the space of the old Roque Santeiro market. In addition to the aforementioned center, according to the minister, the former market space should also house the Resistance Museum.

: Facebook Ministério da Cultura e Turismo  (Mincultur)
Facebook Ministério da Cultura e Turismo (Mincultur)  

"We are looking at the location and terms of reference, but most likely, either the Luanda Cultural Center, either the Resistance Museum, will be built there where the Roque Santeiro market was", said Filipe Zau, in an interview with Jornal de Angola.

Regarding the Resistance Museum, the minister said that it will "from the contact" they had "resistance to colonization and foreign occupation".

"It goes from the contact we had to resistance to colonization and foreign occupation, according to our sources, we can say from 1482 until possibly the departure of the South Africans. Let's frame it, we are currently working on the terms of reference and consider all the Resistance Museum project, with support from the President of the Republic for this work, as we will also have", he said, speaking to Jornal de Angola.

The minister also added about the inauguration of the Huambo Cultural Center, reiterating that they are working on the future Luanda Cultural Center: "In addition to the Huambo Cultural Center that we are going to inaugurate now, we are also working on our Luanda Cultural Center".

Considering that "Angola is a multicultural country and cultures in principle must be promoted horizontally", the holder of the Culture and Tourism portfolio also said there was a need to "deconcentrate" the idea "that the artist is only in Luanda and only asserts itself by coming here."

Among other aspects, he also spoke about some of the challenges for this year, having highlighted the inscription of semba on the World Heritage list. For this, he added, a UNESCO representative was in the country who "worked together with Carlos Lamartine, Dionísio Rocha, Marito Furtado (Banda Maravilha) and the Cultural Heritage Institute".

"The dossier is progressing, but people are already asking about kizomba. Which one is the oldest and has the most references? That's where we have to start", he added, quoted by Jornal de Angola.


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