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Costa Almeida: “In practice, 'Luanda Leaks' only created the departure of Isabel dos Santos”

Analyst Eugénio Costa Almeida told Lusa that the disclosure of the accounts known as 'Luanda Leaks' caused little more than the end of a certain economic nomenclature and the departure of Isabel dos Santos from the country.


"Apart from the fact that it ended up with a certain economic nomenclature, it does not seem to me that there has been a great development, particularly in terms of improving the economic class, that would allow a replacement of those that were projected out of the Angolan economic fabric", said the researcher. from the Center for International Studies at ISCTE.

Speaking to Lusa to mark the second anniversary of the 'Luanda Leaks', released for the first time on January 19, 2020, Costa Almeida says that "in practice, 'Luanda Leaks' only created the departure of Isabel dos Santos and some people who were in the guardianship area".

A consortium of investigative journalism revealed on January 19, 2020 more than 715 thousand files, under the name of 'Luanda Leaks', which detail the financial schemes of Isabel dos Santos and her husband, Sindika Dokolo, who will be at the origin of the fortune of the family.

Asked why the space left vacant with the departure of Isabel dos Santos was not filled, the academic replied: "We never had in Angola a strong ruling and economic class, based on businessmen, all those who existed were linked to the and all the money they managed to generate and obtain, according to what has been verified, through the so-called nationalizations or return of capital, was illicitly or irregularly, so it was not created and we have not had a well-sustained business class and new companies and entrepreneurs that are being created are and continue to be supported with the support of the State".

Costa Almeida also warns, when asked whether this lack of new entrepreneurs far from political power can perpetuate the situation identified in the documents released by 'Luanda Leaks': "If nothing is done, it could happen again, but let's be honest, Luanda Leaks was never well clarified in the proper contours, everything that was disclosed was a little out of the box, two years have passed and capital is still being nationalized irregularly and having been taken irregularly, it is understandable that they have to be returned to the public purse".

The country is experiencing a pre-election context and the opposition has united to overthrow the current party in power. "This will not be the main theme of the campaign, the main theme will be corruption and unemployment, high inflation and the fact that power has been in a party since independence", considers Eugénio Costa Almeida, concluding: "Luanda Leaks ' has gone out of fashion."

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