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A week of fun in Luanda for less than 1000 kwanzas

Uncle VAT has arrived! So this means we're all going to stay in and go back to eating only at home and having TV and gossip with our neighbours as our only source of fun, right? Negative. LNL refuses to let Kaluanda's joy die!


Instead, we've prepared you for a whole week of fun (with a few bonuses), to prove that you can enjoy yourself in this city for under 1000 kwanzas during the entire week. That's right, Monday to Sunday with only about a 900 kwanzas spend.

Before you ask, this value is based on the assumption that you choose only the free activities each day, with costs such as transportation and consumables (food and drink) not being taken into account as these are optional and vary according to each person.

Without further ado, let us show you how to not spend money intelligently.



The first day of the week in Luanda is very calm. Still, we found that Cinemax has created a special package for movie junkies, declaring Monday "Cimena Day."

Therefore, tickets for 2D (regular) movies are sold at 900 kwanzas and at 1,100 kwanzas for 3D movies. This weekly promotion is not valid for the Vip Room movies, 4Dx, or holidays.

Cinemax also usually posts giveaways and contests on its Facebook page. If you are one of the first to answer a question correctly, you can win free tickets to a session and go to the movies for free.


Artes ao Vivo (Spoken word)

Having, with much sacrifice and poetry, celebrated its 15th anniversary this month, Artes ao Vivo is a movement of artists who love spoken word and attract an audience that has the same passion for poetry, music, and art.

We find that this event a striking demonstration of the freedom of expression and an instigator for the critical thinking power of the human being, and specifically of the Angolan people. Lucid words are radiant and a better parade of raw and purely local art is hard to come by. Best of all, anyone who feels inspired can take the stage and share their thoughts; all you have to do is add your name to the list.

The event takes place at the Espaço Baía restaurant, from 7 pm to 10 pm, every single Tuesday. And it's totally free.

Positive Vibes

If you are into a more vibrant vibe, we recommend you visit the Infinitus Gastrobar, which on Tuesday presents its customers with a Positive Vibes session.

Basically, it's a night adorned with soothing music styles like Bossa Nova, Smooth Jazz, Blues, Neo-soul, RnB and Reggae. From 5 pm to 8 pm, the bar serves unparalleled tapas and cocktails.

Access is free but we doubt you won't need a water or a beer to keep up the good energies in the air.

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